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Brian Johnson

"Having chaperoned dozens of student groups on local, overnight, and international trips over nearly three decades, I thought I'd seen some well run programs, but my two opportunities to work with Kim opened my eyes to a whole new level of planning. I joined her in leading a group of nearly 90 7th graders and parents to Washington D.C. and Virginia, and then more than 40 high schoolers to Boston and Philadelphia.  She thoroughly prepared the students and adults, equipping the chaperones with all the tools they'd need to be successful and to respond to virtually any emergency.  Meanwhile, she had extensive back-up plans and opportunities for us to tailor each day's events to meet specific needs and interests. Though I lived for many years in the areas we visited, I found myself eager to learn something new each day...and I heard that refrain from students and parents alike."

Joey Richards

"Kim is creative, flexible, organized, and passionate.  She loves kids and is especially passionate regarding the learning that takes place when students get outside of the four walls of the classroom to learn about their world through interaction rather than relying on theorizing about culture in the classroom setting.  Kim believes learning is best when its hands-on and fully immersive."

Coby Bird

"Kim's strong work ethic is driven by her belief that strong quality relationships are the most important part of any job. Kim uses her relationships to improve the lives of all those around her.  It is this heart for people and quality relationships that ultimately drive her to work incredibly hard."

Ashtyn Oakley

"I've been on four trips with Mrs. Chaulk, and they were absolutely wonderful experiences!  While I highly suggest you bring walking shoes, you will see the cities you're touring in a depth you never would be able to think of alone.  Her trips are educational, full of fun, and definitely appeal to everyone.  My favorite memories from high school come from my time on Mrs. Chaulk's trips, and I can easily say I fell in love with the cities I visited and became closer to the classmates who accompanied me!"

Maryann Felps

"Kim marries her knowledge of geography and history with her skills of planning and executing first-rate student trips.  She spends countless hours finding the best deals regarding travel, lodging and meals, all while prioritizing the students' interests.  Students quickly sign up for and then eagerly await her excursions."

Bryan Fitzgearld

"I have been on three of Kim's trips, and they were some of the greatest experiences I've ever had.  Her planning went above and beyond whatever I expected to see or do in a certain time frame.  Kim knew where we should go, what we should know, and how to execute the schedule perfectly."

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