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I have over fourteen years of experience in  the careful planning of well-scripted itineraries.  I work well with tour operators and will collaborate to ensure the most efficient, safe, and enjoyable trip for your travel participants. If you prefer a frenetic, full-steam-ahead pace, I can guide you.  If you like a more relaxed schedule with built-in down time, I can manage that as well.  Pre-fabricated, one-for-all itineraries are not my thing; let me help you make your journey as individual as the members traveling.


I am methodically organized and fully capable of implementing jam-packed schedules. More importantly, though, is the fact that I love working with people of all ages.  I am an extrovert in the fullest sense of the word, and love being around groups from all backgrounds.  Lastly, I am a scholar at heart and find joy telling stories about the individuals and locations that have made our nation great. Moreover, I love hearing giggles when I share tales and history that aren't presented on a typical tour. My goal is to make your trip uniquely memorable!


Your trip doesn't simply end when I say farewell at the airport as you head home.  Customer service is exceedingly important to me during every phase of a trip.  Rest assured I will be in contact to inquire what you thought went well and what you'd like to focus on for future trips.  If something did not meet your expectations, I want to know about that as well.  I pride myself on being fully accessible to my clients; feel free to contact me and enlist my assistance for your future excursions.


Read what my travel participants have to say

Kaci Snyder

"Kim is a master when it comes to planning and executing trips of all sizes.  She is knowledgeable, meticulous, and thorough, and has a wealth of helpful travel experience.  Though she is a detail-oriented planner, she is personable and generous when it comes to teaching others and sharing her knowledge.  She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the best travel experience for her groups."

Avyn Brown

"I have been to Disney World, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia with Mrs. Chaulk, and each one of these trips have been some of the greatest experiences of my life. She has the incredible ability to make you feel as though you are not a tourist, but someone who was born and raised in whatever place you may be. With the help of her itineraries that are charted by the minute, Mrs. Chaulk is able to invest not only extreme knowledge, but love and kindness to everyone she meets."

Let me help make your trip one they'll always remember!

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